Women of the DCAU | Part 1

The TRUE origin of Harley Quinn:

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9 Responses to Women of the DCAU | Part 1

  1. Nor says:

    Im loving the shorts!

  2. Kalbex says:

    Baby Doll was one of those villains that bothered the f*** outta me. It's like, how do I approach this situation? Why is a little girl doing such horrible crimes? Where's her parents? She's an adult?!

  3. Harley Quinn got sexualised way too much in dc.
    Dont get me wrong, she's always looked great, but they focused on her appearance instead of her personality/background just for marketing
    Really ruined the character in some incarnations

  4. SR Striker says:

    They really should use Red Claw more often like a replacement for Ra’s al ghoul

  5. sam will says:

    The entire DCAU: Time to awaken some things in some children!


  7. Jack Kelly says:

    Baby Doll also appeared in Harley's 30th Anniversary anthology book in a story written by Paul Dini!

  8. Harley Quinn was a brilliant character in the DCAU series. However, I think DC over-exploited her too much once they moved her into the comics, as there was a point where the character was everywhere. In addition, there are quite a few versions of her that are more annoying than charismatic, to be honest.

  9. Rule 1# of the DCAU: It's completely forbidden to draw a single woman in a non-inmensely gorgeous way