Unveiling My Unique Cosplay: Anime Character Unknown to Many

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41 Responses to Unveiling My Unique Cosplay: Anime Character Unknown to Many

  1. lucie says:

    is that wei wuxian ??? :0 ( I could be completely wrong lol )

  2. sunflower says:

    WEI WUXIAN AHHHHH you look so good man

  3. Idk who it is, but DAAAAAANNGGGG

  4. FluffCup says:

    So who’s the character your dressed up as Hmmmmm?? 😉 lol

  5. Maimona Khan says:

    Me screaming The untamed

  6. Nah- that’s Wei Wuxian. Whatchu talking about that no one knows who he is?- lan Wangji must’ve entered the chat- cause you kinda summoned a whole @ss fandom 🤩

  7. thing says:

    Bl 😭😭 i love itttttt

  8. It’s Wei wuxian!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

  9. Yuki Kirari says:


  10. Bob Patient says:

    loud heavy breathing clutches my set of Mo Dao Zu Shi books 1-5 and the comics 1 & 2

  11. _Renedits_ says:

    Hyunjin heree woooww??!!!

  12. Fun fact- I dont know it.😶 But it looks like Zuko from Avatar.


  14. Aislinn says:


  15. a weirdo says:

    When you know the character

  16. Andy Tietema says:

    Wei wuxian?! Omg. I love you even more now ❤

  17. BRO WEI WUXIAN- I know every single Mxtx character in existence…

  18. Maricel Leal says:

    When you also watch donghua

  19. Paines vein says:

    Literally saw this right before im starting a windbreaker cosplay but when you search it up you have to put the main character’s name which is Sakura after it

  20. Lemon says:

    I fucking LOVE when couples in dramas start making out by little kisses to test the water because it shows that both people are enjoying this and also it's super cute

  21. Ali says:

    WEI YIINNGGGGG, damn billy I didn't know you were into danmei.

  22. Ali says:

    WEI YIINNGGGGG, damn billy I didn't know you were into danmei.

  23. Iamayuma says:

    POV: that character is your fav

  24. Is is wei wuxian?? 😂 cool company btw

  25. xiao says:

    Ofc we know him lan wanji husband Wei😇

  26. Noi_thisDude says:

    It’s that one dude but I don’t remember his name since I need to see it but it’s like a gay Chinese show that shows gay but claims not to be or maybe it did idk but yeah 😅

  27. Pax C says:

    I hate to break it to u king, A LOT of ppl know mdzs

  28. Peng Liu says:

    It’s a Chinese anime

  29. This person 😂😂😂😂wei wuxian 💀rip bichen

  30. Max says:

    I can’t tell if it’s backwards because it’s a selfie cam or it’s just wrapped backwards?
    Make sure you always wrap with a “y” the other way is for burials