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Top Radio Tunes of 2017


The radio has been around for over a hundred years, and because of its inception, this device has entertained, informed and has inspired lives all through exclusive generations. Many songs which get featured on the radio were massive hits at one time or every other; This is true for songs that had created in the past and jams which can be currently huge hits inside the industry these days. The following list of radio hits can be heard on stations across the globe. Here are the most heard hits of 2017 that had a great musical bang.

Despacito by Luis Fonsi:

Luis Fonsi

This track is presently at no. 1 position on various record charts. It is sung by Luis Fonsi and featuring Daddy Yankee within the music video. This tune belongs to the Pop style. It has also been on the chart for 18 weeks. Last week also it came at no. 1 position. It’s has received various nominations like Premio Juventud for Best Song for Singing, Premio Juventud for the Perfect Combo and many others. The track has got more than 1 billion views on YouTube.

That’s what I like by Bruno Mars:

Bruno Mars

Written and accomplished via a hit artist Bruno Mars and presently trending on 3rd this month. The tune has been trending for 18 months simply because of its song and lyrics. It was also nominated for the BET award for video director of the year and loved by hundreds of people around the globe. More than 1 million copies got sold in domestic market.

Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled:

DJ Khaled

Another hit English song released in 2017; plus, performed by the well-known and a hit artist DJ Khaled. The tune featured on successful artist Bryson Tiller and Rihanna. Contains soulful lyrics and beautiful background track even as nonetheless receiving exceptional views and appreciation by the target audience around the world; have become a commercial hit and gained fulfillment on the internet. It is one of the excellent rap/hip hop songs.

Stay by Zedd&Alessia Cara:

Zedd&Alessia Cara

This beautiful song has been trending for 14 weeks and get placed on four on this listing. It is a dance track accomplished by famous Canadian artist Alessia Cara and Zedd. The tune received huge admiration from many countries like Belgium, Australia, Italy, and Denmark and to call a few. Till now it has earned 154 million views on YouTube channel.

Shape of You by Ed Sheeran:

Ed Sheeran

A hit English song sung by the new most favorite singer Ed Sheeran. It crowned the single charts after its launch in more than 30 international locations. The song remained on top on the Canadian hot one hundred songs list for 16 consecutive weeks. The lyric video of this tune has garnered more than 630 million views, and the music video has earned over 1.2 billion views.

Keep your ears close to your radio so that you can rock out with any such songs whenever they air.

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