The Panda Redd – November/December TikTok Compilation

All of my videos across the final months of 2022! (with some January content thrown in at the end, just for flavor)

I am so sorry for how long my almost comically over complicated move was, but i am finally back full-time and going to be making something special for you guys real soon! stick around to see what comes next!

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Opening Song: “Rock Thing” by Creo
Proected under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International( )
Find the full song here: (

Closing Song: “1.26 beat1” by BOPD
Protected under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Ported ( )
Find the full song here:

Songs acquired through Free Music Archive
Songs have been both cut and edited.

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30 Responses to The Panda Redd – November/December TikTok Compilation

  1. Amaranth says:

    The mind-reading thing is even worse if you're not neurotypical. I have ADHD. READ MY MIND, CHARLES! I DARE YOU!

  2. I love when Panda breaks the 4th wall about when he disappears 😂

  3. I think that Jason wouldn't be mad at Tim, he would be mad FOR him. Absolutely furious at the idea of the new Robin. Not because he didn't want him to live like him, but because he didn't want him to die like him. I'm really glad you didn't watch Titans, because whole Titans Tower arc is THE most OOC thing I've experienced and I watched The Last Airbender movie. Just. As fellow fan of Jason. Don't do it to yourself.

  4. LapisLazoli says:

    God imagine how hard mind reading would be if someone thought in words, images, and vibes….. Oh wait I can barely read my own mind.

  5. Noah M says:

    I feel like detective eye would be great in doom patrol

  6. The next hot takes series you do needs to be called "Redd Hot Takes" if and when you reboot it.

  7. RandoMando says:

    Can’t lie I’ve kinda been missing the skits not sure if it’s just me

  8. NowherePhotp says:

    What does Bruce listen too?

  9. I wonder if Alfred ever accidentally barged in on Bruce listening to Disney music!🤣🤣🤣

  10. Jason todd says:

    Actually I listen a bunch of different music. Most of it is 80s music

  11. I always saw contradictions between Jason’s ideology and him lashing out at Tim, but had sort of assumed it was just a bit of emotionally unstable hypocrisy – like he didn’t really see Tim behind the mask, just a shadow of his own past.
    I’d really like to see your interpretation explored further! Especially because I know “Jason hates me for not being a good enough successor.” fits too well into Tim’s existing emotional damage for him to question it. And it’s now potentially this big unspoken rift between them, even with Jason being on better terms with the other bats.

  12. im 100% with you that mind reading is one of the hardest powers to control.
    this is also made me a little salty cuase like my mind would be easy to read at a base level cuase i have both an internal monologue and have visuals in my head.
    no to the poor motherfuck that has to read my thoughts to find one specific piece of information good fucking luck my dude, my neurotic ass cant find thoughts in my own god dam head so if you figure out how to sort this hell scape hit me up.

  13. Oddly I have both an inner monologue and sometimes I get images. However I learn best by doing the things I want to learn.

  14. Lord Vika says:

    I have to say that you are missing one aspect.

    Mind reading is like if you give someone a truth serium.

    As in if you ask questions it will usually trigger those memories.

  15. Glad to see my name Panda but why does everyone always get the a, and e, swapped 😂😭

  16. I'd love for mamoa to play both characters and just watch the cannon accross media change to where they look strikingly similar for no reason and everyone comments on it lol

  17. Hamm couldn’t Batman just look up who the joker was from the From Arkham files

  18. Rowan Adams says:

    I'm ADHD as **fuck**. I welcome a mind-reader to try to make sense of anything in here. I've been trying for 30+ years and haven't had any luck.

    Edit: And yeah, Kevin Conroy also hit me hard.

  19. im kinda new to comics but i have 3 and wanted your opinion panda on which one i should read as my first full comic. i have "Iron Man: Self Made Man" "Spider-Man/Deadpool: Isn't that bromantic" and "Teen Titans: Turn it Up".

  20. I have music playing in my head

  21. Alfred listening to heavy metal

  22. qqqqqwwwww55 says:

    im too old to download tiktock, lovin the compilation reposts, keep it up

  23. adams family says:

    I just got my wisdom teeth out very recently (like 15 hours ago and it really hurts and I want to throw up) and this is making me feel a bit better.

  24. R.I.P to the true Batman

  25. needs a name says:

    Jason and the rest debating over music is the new best headcanon ive ever heard

  26. toxic rouge says:

    if you like madness youd be a cool doc/ 2bdamned

  27. mind reading the easiest to get simple data hardest to master also they must avoid those who suffer visual or auditory or sensory illusions that will fuck the mind reader so bad they now suffer those illusions. I should also mention that a schizophrenic or bipolar mind reader is OP as they are the few who can easily master mind reading to the directions to the building.

  28. I mean Captain america literally looked at 2 generations of Baron Zemo and glued masks to both of them

  29. I’m with Stephanie. Pac all day 😎 “That’s why I fcked yo btch you fat mf! WESTSIDE! BAD BOY KILLAS!” 😂😂😂