Shocking Racist, Abusive Women Attacks Halifax Bouncer/Doorman

#RacistWomenHalifax #blacklivesmatter #HalifaxBouncer

Shocking Racist, Abusive Women Attacks Halifax Bouncer/Doorman

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8 Responses to Shocking Racist, Abusive Women Attacks Halifax Bouncer/Doorman

  1. Sam Hilton says:

    Ahh, no attack in the video…
    And who doesn't get racist after a few drinks lol
    Jokes. She shouldn't be saying that, but it could be provoked.

  2. The 51-year-old women in this video has now pleaded guilty to causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress. She admitted the offences and received a conditional caution by West Yorkshire police, as a criminal justice outcome with conditions.

  3. Rocco M says:

    who is she has she been found?

  4. Stacy James says:

    Absolutely shocking!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rowan says:

    Oh my God she must be so proud 👏

  6. Most likely, you provoked and instigated that reaction from her.. but yet you managed to avoid that side being videoed…gotcha. You're not fooling anyone here.