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A medium that was a source of entertainment, an escape from boredom and a channel to receive news and information was the radio in the yesteryears. An instrument that began as a means of propaganda, evolved and became a behemoth in the sphere of mass communication. Over the years, the role of the radio has been reinvented and it has taken a backseat due to the emergence of nascent forms of entertainment and media, especially the expressions of new media that have taken over human interaction.  Even at this point of time, we have our true blue radio loyalists, ones who tune into the radio while brewing their morning coffee or ones who cannot imagine driving down clogged roads without the company of the music played from their favourite channels. Thus, from a niche audience, the radio grew once again and testament to this fact is the burgeoning popularity of the radio off late. Beginning from talk shows with celebrities on air to shows on food, fashion, electronics and gadgets and so on, there is always something for people and there is no age barrier when it comes to the radio. Music from all corners of the world, commercials, information, trivia and facts are all broadcasted which is one of the major reasons that keeps the audience hooked onto their stations for the various broadcasts. Here with have some facts about radio in the United States that you may be interested to find out about. Read on and discover the unparalleled melody of the radio.

radio station

Most popular radio stations –

  • WLTW-FM 106.7 Lite FM
  • K-Love 90.1 FM
  • WBZ News Radio 1030 FM
  • KIIS FM 102.7
  • WIHT 99.5 FM

Most popular radio jockeys –

  • Ryan Seacrest
  • Howard Stern
  • Joy Taylor
  • Nessa Diab
  • Rush Limbaugh

Most popular radio shows –

  • The Rush Limbaugh Show – Boasting of more than 13 million listeners who tune in to the show on a daily basis, the Rush Limbaugh Show is an epitome of radio shows since their inception. Covering a wide variety of topics, the thrust of the show is mainly towards the political sphere as politics is given a pivotal place and several prominent political figures have made their appearance on the show.
  • All Things Considered – A unique blend of news broadcasts with talk show elements, All Things Considered conveys its content through the name itself. Winner of several awards and popular amongst its audiences, it has a dedicated fan following by listeners who tune in to hear the different kinds of stories and content that they present in their unique and different manner.
  • Morning Edition – Running from the morning on weekdays, this show has its dedicated 13 million fan following and features news, human interest stories, commentary on business and politics as well as interviews.
  • The Dave Ramsey Show – Hosted by the eponymous Dave Ramsey, this show is a few decades old and thus has adapted and changed with the times. With a programme schedule that focuses on financial talk and planning, the show retains it’s increasing listenership due to the connect that the host has with his listeners and for his emotional and spiritual take on things.
  • Marketplace – This began as a public news radio program that grew into a full fledged national syndicate program. While it is oriented towards the business and financial end, it also features commentaries that feature a political take on things.
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