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Radio: The Industry that has stood the test of time

Remember years ago when a pen-drive used to be super expensive based on the amount of memory it can store; they were flooded into the market and CDs went out of fashion. Roll down the years and pen-drives are inexpensive and dare I say it, “obsolete”. People have moved on to the cloud and the flash-drive is just a clunky device that is no longer needed. The same can be said about other products; people went from using a Walkman to an iPod to then moving on to simpler streaming services that don’t require you to shell out big bucks to listen to music. If there is one thing constant in this world, then it is the fact that technology will develop and make something obsolete along the way. But there is one industry that has stood the test of time, the Radio.

When people talk about the radio; they often feel this sense of nostalgia about it. Knowingly or unknowingly the industry has managed to draw out great emotions from people when it comes to the radio. Say for example, you are on a road trip and instead of connecting your phone, you let the radio play. For starters, you will feel a rush of memories and emotions from the times you spent as a kid in the backseat of your parents’ car on a road trip somewhere. Secondly, you are taking the ability to choose away from yourself. Both those points need to be analysed to understand why the Radio as an industry will never die or be phased out.


Let’s discuss the first point. Before we get in-depth think about this; you are at a local park and you buy an ice cream cone to beat the heat. Do you feel yourself thinking about how it used to feel as a kid? Are you pleasantly enjoying the experience as well as the ice cream cone? We are sure you must have at least felt blissful throughout the whole ordeal. The reason is that human emotion and memory is a lot more complex than what people think. We hold on to nostalgia inducing items all the time; that old picture of your friends from college, a random object that reminds you of your first love, that sweater your grandma made. We are sure you get the point we are trying to make. The radio has a grip on our emotions and memory and thus induces a nostalgic effect on us that in all honesty will be very difficult to let go of.

The second point is the fact that radio takes the ability to choose away from you. Have you ever noticed people skip songs frequently? We are sure you must have as well, but the radio is something that you can’t skip. Yes, you can play a different channel, but you can’t skip a song that is already playing. For starters, it builds a sense of unexpectedness and mystery as to which song will be played next. And secondly, people see it as a welcome change.

Times may change; Technology will progress, but the radio will live as long as it holds on to human emotion and the need for humans to roll back the clock and feel nostalgic.

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