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Radio Show (Joe Mazza)

Joe Mazza is one of the most loved and celebrated radio jockeys in America. He started his career in the radio business with a small commercial. When the radio programmers liked his voice, they requested him to do other ads for them. One fine day, WATD-FM which is a radio station in Marshland heard his commercials, and as their radio jockey for the morning show was ill, they had asked Joe Mazza to fill in. People loved the way he spoke, and later WCAP-AM radio station in Lowell signed him and he had his own late night talk show for four years. Joe slowly developed after that and he now does the morning and late night talk shows for Americas top radio network which is heard on more than 450 radio stations all over the country.

Joe was a friendly person, and everyone loved him. He was known to be very polite and was never confrontational. As he despised argumentative topics, he never spoke about politics in his shows. The shows he did were so epic, and the entire nation loved his shows. Joe had a German Sheppard named Sebastian, and it was often called as the wonder dog by his listeners.

Early life and education:

Joe Mazza was born in Watertown in Massachusetts, and as a young boy, Joe loved playing his guitar. He was so fond of music that he formed his rock and roll band which was named caravans. He played with his band in the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom which is in New Hampshire. Joe has a great deal of education than you can think. His radio career bloomed out of the blue, but he finished his high school in Watertown high school and went on to do his college in the Burdett College and later he studied Business Administration at Suffolk University. Apart from all these achievements, Joe Mazza also served in the US Army for several years.

Joe Mazza’s Family:

Joe was the son of late Joseph S. Mazza and Esther Sheridan Mazza. He has a twin brother who is named James Mazza. He also has a sister whose name is Maryann Riley. Joe married Elizabeth Larson in the year 1968, and he settled in Cohasset.


Day Job:

Joe Mazza had a degree in business administration, and he had a full-time day job as an independent home improvement salesman. In the evenings he would have his radio shows as a part-time job, and his listeners loved him. He often invited celebrities to his shows, and some of them include Debbie Reynolds, Alan Young, Red Rox, Dionne Warwick etc.

Joe’s listeners love him, and his unmistakable voice and accent will never be forgotten. The national syndicated late-night radio talk show host died out of heart attack at the age of 66.

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