Miley Cyrus EXPOSES EX-Husband Liam Hemsworth

#MileyCryus came out with a new song titled #Flowers ALL about her EX #liamhemsworth … so let’s get into it.

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44 Responses to Miley Cyrus EXPOSES EX-Husband Liam Hemsworth

  1. JoeMac says:

    This song is the new anthem for self empowerment for folks coming out of bad relationships. The song stays in your head after you hear. Incredible, how great the song "Flowers" is.

  2. Je Suis Moi says:

    Also rumor has it, the gold dress was in reference to Jennifer Lawrence as well.

  3. love says:

    This song is such a generic mediocre song and everyone seems to love it

  4. ForgottenMMA says:

    Really cheap attempt to sell a song. Sounds like sour grapes from the washed up disney star

  5. 8:11 😂 you're not wrong tho!

  6. El says:

    She's vindictive and he's an idiot 🤮🤧😷🖤

  7. Ginger Nunya says:

    Miley and Liams dynamic is alot like my husband's and I.
    Im outgoing and he is more laied back and quiet.

  8. Ginger Nunya says:

    I love how Miley struts after pushing Liam away after acting like a controlling jerk!!

  9. Ann says:

    Miley is a free spirit and I'm glad to see her stand up for herself. Not only was Liam a cheater but also a control freak, she should have broken up with him earlier but I guess she was trying to make things work. It's good to see her out of that toxic relationship.


  11. Neymar Senna says:

    I don't know wtf he saw in that trashy chick. He can easily get a beautiful traditional girl.

  12. saeeda rishi says:

    You are sooo gorgeous u remind me of the guy who likes prince charming in shrek

  13. "you dont understand what its like" BECAUSE YOU DONT EXPLAIN OR SPEAK, LIAM ???

  14. i saw a video point out the gold dress was like jennifer lawrence's when she did that movie w liam and said they kissed

  15. Unfaithful once? HELL NO…. Unfaithful twice?? Good Bye 😡😡

  16. Kelly Ross says:

    Are you a flaming fairy

  17. Good for her🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉!!! Love this vid Ty for the Easter eggs. How she mounted the recking ball in her video? That to me was a you know what to him. But it’s great. A creative outlet for that energy.

  18. Crazy nobody brought up that the dress also seems to be a diss at Jennifer Lawrence’s dress she wore to the hunger games premier rumored he cheated with her. So that’s why she wore it

  19. Damn she still alive I lost a bet

  20. M K says:

    I would've told her to behave too if she'd done that on the red carpet at my movie premiere. Just sayin' 🤷🏼‍♀️

  21. Norma C says:

    Sometimes you cant choose who you fall in love with, and its all wrong & heartbreak.

  22. ablurida says:

    Wait he dedicated 'When I Was Your Man' to her at their wedding??? 😂 ok you know what just for that I am on Miley's side, how you gonna dedicate a song about a dude that only regrets he didn't do anything until after being broken up 🤣🤣 Unless he changed the lyrics slightly to 'I will buy you flowers hold your hand give you all my hours' etc.

  23. “Makes me think Liam likes to fight” smh two sides of every story bro. You always making women to he victim. Just know it goes both ways . Sad how you always paint the man as the bad guy

  24. Weird how The guy is always the bad guy .

  25. Amy Rivers says:

    What an absolute bastard trying to clip her wings etc

  26. V A says:

    I kinda understand why he reacted like this, he is more private and classy, she was embarrassing him.
    They were just not meant for each other, no big deal… 🙄

  27. Natasha V says:

    She didn't write "wrecking ball" but it was relatable and you can see thar when she us crying in the video. Liam was her biggest love.
    They did date around before they got back together. I figured they were just trying to make it work again.
    The song is great and catchy.

  28. M Chanel. says:

    She’s not the victim

  29. ajzombie10 says:

    Traditional or not… if my wife twerked her a** anywhere near my private area, I’d be happy. If you don’t like it in public you can easily make a quick move to tell her without leaving her and have fun for the rest of the evening. I’m sure though his other 13 girls, would’ve been okay with this.

  30. I’ve never been a fan of hers AT ALL. However hopefully her next chapter is happier. Seems as if they weren’t compatible. I wish people would stop trying to force relationships based on what you believe to be their potential instead of the reality of what they’ve shown you. Sadly I do feel that causes / adds to a lot of unhappiness. If you choose you it makes it easier to leave negative situations

  31. Stella Adler says:

    Tweaking like a ho3 on the red carpet is not considered "outgoing ". No husband would want that.

  32. Stella Adler says:

    Miley was always instigating him.

  33. Fullbloomed says:

    When I was your man as a wedding song? Horrible choice.

  34. Bastian 96 says:

    Lmao Liam Hemsworth’s persona reminds me of Prince Charles…

  35. Kathy Lee says:

    She's always brought fun everywhere she goes! If he can't accept her for her, then they shouldn't be together

  36. MG says:

    Not a fan of Liam, but this is bullying someone we dont know. This is just full of assumptions.

  37. I keep remembering that Miley was only 17 yrs old and Liam only 19 yrs old when the met and began dating while filming as lovers in the movie, "The Last Song". Probably a first romance for Miley and possibly also for Liam. Your first lover is extremely difficult to get over, whether it be a woman's or a man's. I think this played a part in Miley's inability to step away from Liam, even though he was wrong for her. Her new song, "Flowers", represents her feelings of letting go and moving on. No looking back for Miley now. Good for her. Now both parties can move forward to enjoy their lives with people who appreciate who they are.

  38. If someone dedicates when I was your man to you.. on your wedding day…. It’s doomed to end. Why would you dedicate a song about losing a loved one to the person you are marrying it’s basically saying that the relationship will not last. Not exactly a romantic song for a wedding day.

  39. I heard he’s an asshole and that he’s cold hearted. She loved that man but I’m glad she’s passed that.

  40. She had a song cant be tamed. Guess dude didnt remember that

  41. Ken Talks says: