How To Wear All Black

How to wear all black

All clothes shown are linked below:

– Black oversized t-shirt:
– Wool hoodie: Cole Buxton but not available anymore
– Pleated blazer:

– Black smart trousers:
– Black trackpants:
– Pleated trousers:
– Black jeans: (similar alternative)

– Black wool jacket:
– Black puffer vest:

– Chunky loafers:
– Bottega Puddle boots:

– Cap:

#shorts #fashion #styletips

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31 Responses to How To Wear All Black

  1. dan 17000 says:

    Men really don't remember even if they've owned this many clothes.

  2. Glocky says:

    Doesn't look opium

  3. Haezy says:

    What type of pants was the second shot

  4. Adam Beall says:

    Of course that first one is boring. There isn't a print of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory album cover on the front

  5. rob inn says:

    The only accessory u need when going all black is a gold/silver chain, the bigger the better!

  6. Chvj Dvpa says:

    Step 1: look like 🤡

  7. Bryan Malla says:

    reminder: real fashion has no rules, there is no right way to wear black

  8. Antonio says:

    the first one looked tight honestly. I think more important than texture is different shades. last one had texture, but all the same shade of black. made you look like a shadow

  9. Almejo says:

    I didn't know there were ways to dress. I only wear the first thing I see

  10. It’s 50* in Saudi Arabia 🥲

  11. Kiri says:

    He just taken the best outfit out of them, said it's bad and then showed lots of bad ones

  12. L Daz says:

    Whenever videos like this pop up I do see how different they look but also look so bland. Trying to be different but looking the same.

  13. Louis Weber says:

    First outfit was perfect wym?

  14. BlueBlacky says:

    Im getting this recommended in summer

  15. MommaJosh says:

    Me omw to the corner store:

  16. timmy922 says:

    Bro i just want a shirt and some pants

  17. Novarcharesk says:

    I hate pants that balloon over legs. Slim fit and skinny is superior.

  18. Yeah nah, I aint wearing a wool jacket in a 40° windless sun

  19. I stg this man brought the mschf boots out

  20. VOLKOVA says:

    you managed to make black boring somehow

  21. F 84 says:

    ill go with the first outfit

  22. Bro, the whole point of wearing all black is that it is plain and boring. People want it to be boring to blend in more. They don't want atention, they want to be alone

  23. I will take the boring black look he just wore anytime… Everything else just looks way to much, unless the weather out is cold.

  24. divinityy says:

    Bro is opium no doubt

  25. Bro Dy says:

    looks like he made metal gear solid now

  26. I would boil in my sweat if I wear that.