Erykah Badu Talks New Line Of Cannabis With Berner, Photo With Her Daughter Puma, Being ‘Woke’ +More

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38 Responses to Erykah Badu Talks New Line Of Cannabis With Berner, Photo With Her Daughter Puma, Being ‘Woke’ +More

  1. Blair Green says:

    She was so on point when she said if your ambitious as a woman people say you want to be a man and I felt that. Like no I want to be my highest version of myself and that includes making money.

  2. KAMI says:

    Love you, woman. 🥰🥰

  3. Y’all most definitely been asleep…shut out to George Clinton.

  4. Sweet Sass says:

    My Gurl let Envy know, she is not new to this. She been on the 1’s and 2’s. ❤️🔥🔥📌

  5. Gideon Inc says:

    Wtf is envy talking about?? Social media WAS around when window seat came out! We were talking about it all the time, wtf?

  6. Samyl Jones says:

    CTG is soooo tf dumb

  7. Latoya Brown says:

    I'll choose erykah over Beyonce anyway absolutely love her talent ❤

  8. Actually, ALL THOSE STYLES COME FROM NEW ORLEANS, LA! That's where those grills and big medallion pieces can be traced back to NOLA, IN the early 80's! I absolutely loved the fact that she has kept her TRUE FRIENDSHIP from her early years, and her family has TRULY kept her humbled in support and love for her love for her ❤️ for all artistic avenues!

  9. Sunni Ali says:

    AMEN 🙏🏾… I really needed some guidance from Ms. Erykah Badu today. Blessings ❤

  10. Ky Ote says:

    Very special, transcendent human being

  11. Steve A. B. says:

    Erykah Badu once appeared to me in a vivid dream. She said there are three levels to the World and this is all I need to know to get me through any situation:

    1) Shit.
    2) Awareness of Shit.
    3) Awareness of Awareness.

    This has never let me down! Thanks x

  12. ❤❤❤ I absolutely gorgeous and a beautiful soul that we are all fortunate to have here on earth As'e❤❤

  13. Sharia Davis says:

    Ugh , I just love her ! 🛸🦋🌸

  14. If you in Dallas you’ll see her a lot like a regular person & she’s so chill.

  15. C Sipp says:

    They way they got quiet when she started singing…goosebumps

  16. Shane Glover says:

    👂🏽🙄👂🏽 🤔 She gotta nice lil ❤️Phaattasss❤️ under aall thoze Clothezz 😋 👍🏽 😚 😌

  17. there's a lot of gems in this..

  18. If easy like Sunday morning was a person. Chill, smooth, humble yet bold and so peaceful. Damn

  19. know thy self yeeeeees

  20. D Floyd says:

    Dope ass interview

  21. Tammy Lewis says:

    😂😂I love E but she was high…that was the tone

  22. X Sha says:

    I love to hear Badu speak she is my favorite artist of all time.. But Charlamange tripping saying women are the natural leaders and that’s the dynamic our relationships should be. The main problem in our community is that unlike every other race our men don’t lead


  24. I’m 11 minutes in…the way this woman has commanded this room!!!!! Babyyy their wives may not even know this power/energy 😮

  25. Am i the only one who see how much she and Jada are alike? But the world picks and chooses. Wow

  26. J Bridges says:

    Erykah would be to dangerous to be around. She is sooooooo Cool and you can tell she has a wonderful SOUL!

  27. Cnell Breezy says:

    Man I'm so sick and tired of this breakfast club crap

  28. Sandra Reese says:


  29. Omg we need that cover of Angel… 👀😍

  30. All y’all in the comments praising Erykah but don’t support her music and albums. Smh

  31. The peace this interview just gave me 💫🫶🏿.