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Gone are the days when tuning to radios in the evenings were a usual thing. Radios are considered to be an antique product. Even though the radio as a device has long gone, people continue to tune in to different radio apps. Be it in a busy traffic block, or during relaxation time, people tune into radio to listen to cricket commentary or their favorite music channel. Radio apps are much dependent on to hear the daily news as well. Though it is not as famous as in the olden times, there exist people who would download radio apps and listen when they get time off. Here are the ten best radio apps used for android.


AccuRadio comes with more than 1000 radio channels. Each channel can be customized by the listener. You can skip songs, programs and can also ban artists you are not interested in. Though you cannot make a customized playlist, you can choose to hear the music or programs you like. The overall feedback about this app is good. The only disadvantage would be its occasional issues with its servers.

Google Play Music.

Google play plays the music of all genres and mood. Be it rock n roll, classics, hip-hop, 90’s hits, jazz, Country songs or anything! Tune into google play music to enjoy a variety of songs of your choice. People using the free version of this app, get to enjoy the radio facilities. The paid subscribers of this app enjoy music streaming and other additional features. It is possible to add up to 50, 00 music playlist and stream it for free. Based on your favorite artists, it is possible to create your playlist and radio stations.


iHeartRadio includes FM stations and their stations as well. The app comes along with Chromecast and Android Wear backup. The attractive feature of this radio app is its on-demand song playing. The subscription fee for the app is minimal.

Pandora Music.


The users get to create their radio stations. It lets you make your playlists, and even songs! This is the most significant advantage of this app. Pandora Music is one of the favorite radio apps. Using their premium subscription, it is possible to remove ads from the app. The radio app also has the feature of on-demand playing of songs.

Radio Online.

Radio online is traditional when compared to all the other radio apps. The app hosts internet hosted radios and also FM stations that enable online streaming. It comes with attractive features such as live radio recording, sleep timer etc. It is simple and easy to use for android beginners. This app is slowly getting bigger and better.

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