【3/3】Catwoman Appears Every 100 Years, Even Batman Can Not Get The Woman#shorts

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Patience (Halle Berry) was living an ordinary, contented life as an art designer for a cosmetics company, a dashing, unmarried white collar worker in the eyes of everyone. However, in this city of sin, bad luck is slowly coming to Patience. By chance, Patience discovers that the company’s owner George (Lambert Wilson) and his wife Laurel (Sharon Stone) are engaged in criminal activities, and Laurel then sends a hitman to kill Patience.
  At that moment, a miracle happened, the Egyptian cat that Patience had saved appeared in front of her eyes, and the cat turned out to be a cat god! In order to repay Patience, the cat god used magic to bring her back to life. After her resurrection, Patience found that her body had changed dramatically, she gained a mysterious power, not only agile, sensitive touch, she also became a master of skills. So, Patience transformed into Catwoman and declared war on the evils of the city.

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